You're talking in circles but essentially saying little that can be supported with data. You just think it's self-evident and so therefore true -when that isn't necessarily the case. Men can’t birth children and they can’t suckle them, but there are all kinds of cultures around the world where men do a significant amount of child care (and women do or have done a lot of fighting).

And I've already linked to you quotes from experts who say that often both men and women hunt unless the prey is big game. Then and only then does dimorphism really come into play. Gender roles are culturally determined, and that does relate in many instances to biological factors, but none of that speaks to the fact that many current H-G tribes pay little attention to gender roles (even though they exist) and just do what they feel like doing to contribute to the tribe - something that I've already stated before as well.

And you fixating on supposed ancient gender roles has little to do with current society or the themes of this OP, so I think we're about done here.

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