You’re barking up the wrong tree my friend. As usual, you are operating off a bunch of assumptions that have no real basis in actuality. I agree with almost everything you say (except for the life of servitude thing). Patriarchal norms have demanded that the primary role of women is wife and mother. Many are much happier without either of those.

Wealthy women tend to be single because they don’t want to deal with the BS of being told what to do by some guy. Instead, they date and maintain their independence or they hire escorts. The largest male escort business in the US, Cowboys 4 Angels, caters to just this kind of woman. There used to be a show on Showtime called Gigolos which profiled some of their top guys in Las Vegas. Here’s what Garren James, who owns C4A says, “[Women] are tired of going out with a man who thinks, ‘I am paying for this date, so I pick where we go and what we do and I can act however I want to act because I have the money, because I am the breadwinner,” James tells the Daily Dot. By hiring an escort, high-earning and high-achieving women aren’t in the position of having to kowtow to a domineering date. Instead, they can call the shots.

I have no issue with sex work. I think it’s needed and healthy and I write about that often, particularly since James and I are in a three-way love relationship with a woman who is also an escort. Here’s a story I wrote about how to have a great escort experience.

When a guy asked my advice about how to go about finding a sex partner after his wife gave him a hall pass, I told him to hire an escort. Then I told him about how to do that.

Women get bored with monogamy before men do, and then they disconnect from their sexual selves, which makes it seem like they aren’t interested in sex at all. Meanwhile, they are just shut down because they are bored.

There’s no stone for you to grind your ax on here, bud.

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Dispelling cultural myths with research-driven stories. My favorite word is “specious.” Not fragile like a flower; fragile like a bomb! Twitter @ElleBeau

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