Your first response is the direct opposite of this one. You don't seem to know what you want or think. You just want to be oppositional.

Yes, I do believe what I'm saying. Go read the article from the Atlantic that I linked you, which references several studies that support it. Women are not free to express their sexuality in this society, due to social mores and safety concerns. That doesn't mean that they don't want it as much as men do, and that they require greater variety to stay sexually satisfied.

"Primatologist, Meredith Small notes that seeking novelty is the single most observable trait among all the sexual behaviors, preferences, and drivers of female primates. Female primates are actually the complete opposite of how we’ve been taught to imagine them — as reluctant breeders or seekers of “intimacy” with a single “best” mate or only seeking to mate with the alpha."

Sexual harassment is about domination and power. It's putting a woman in her place by showing her that she's nothing more than a piece of ass. It has nothing to do with sexual need or even true desire except as a vehicle for expressing domination.

Honestly, you don't really have a good understanding of these topics. I suggest you educate yourself before attempting to talk about them again.

Context is everything. If women were told, “Imagine you are propositioned by this guy, and there is no way he will kill you and there is no way he’ll be a jerk and it’s guaranteed that he’ll be skilled enough to give you an orgasm and you won’t get pregnant or get an infection or disease, and your mom will never know and neither will anyone in your dorm or neighborhood. He won’t make disparaging remarks about your body or gossip afterward. He will text you after or not, and want to see you again or not, depending on what you wish he would do. And so on. These are the kinds of conditions we would have to engineer in order to get an accurate sense of what a woman’s sex drive might be like under circumstances conducive to actually feeling entitled to have and admit to having a sex drive. Until such a test exists, we need to consider the likelihood that we are only measuring men’s willingness to admit they are sexual compared to women’s willingness to do the same. Guess who wins that contest?

Dispelling cultural myths with research-driven stories. My favorite word is “specious.” Not fragile like a flower; fragile like a bomb! Twitter @ElleBeau

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