You need to go back and reread my article about false accusations that has the link to the Amber Wyatt story and refresh your memory about what often happens to women when they come forward. In a perfect world women would come forward right away, be believed and have their case pursued until a perp is arrested or it’s determined they made it up. That isn’t the world we live in and it sure wasn’t in 1982. No one reported date rape in 1982 because the dynamic of victim blaming was much worse then. Look at the huge backlash to the #MeToo movement! The actual world does not support this notion that it’s in your best interest to come forward and 10s of thousands of rape kits are sitting on shelves, and have never been processed. The fact of the matter is, we don’t care all that much about rape in this country. If we did, 1 in 3 women wouldn’t be the victims of sexual violence. Holding a victim to a standard of what she should have done in an atmosphere that does not support that and will most likely revictimize her is callous and cruel. Unless you have the ability to change the climate, saying what victims “should” do is specious.

Dr. Ford is not trying to send him to jail 36 years later. She very clearly said she thought it was her civic duty to come forward, and it was. He does not need to be “convicted” of anything to be disqualified. No-one is owed a job just because it can’t be proven that they committed a crime and that applies double to a life-time appointment to the highest court in the land.

At this point, the incident with Dr. Ford is ancillary. It’s doubtful it can be definitively proven at this stage, but he’s lied under oath several times during the hearing, and that alone should disqualify him. He lied under oath in the confirmation hearing for his current job as well. He’s lied about not knowing what Alex Kozinsky was like when he worked for him. Meanwhile, everyone in the DC metro area knew what Kozinsky was like. This guy lies a lot to further his own agenda. Why should he get appointed?

We don’t know who leaked the letter. Feinstein and her staff say they didn’t. If we are believing people in the absence of proof to the contrary then you need to believe her as well.

Noone needs to “prove” anything to disqualify him. This isn’t a trial; he doesn’t need to be convicted in order to not be fit for the bench. It’s a job interview and he hasn’t comported himself well enough to have earned the right to sit on that bench.

what if he was just real drunk and didnt remember doing that to her?” You’re fucking kidding me, right? Attempted rape is a crime whether or not you remember it. I’m sure it wasn’t a big deal to him. According to other sources, he did this kind of thing all the time and it probably didn’t make a big impression on him, but is also not an excuse. This is what we are fighting for — a world where men don’t get to behave badly with impugnity and then go on to rule the world anyhow.

That’s the story of Amber Wyatt and Steubenville and Brock Turner; a world that says “we can’t mar these fine boys futures over something as inconsequential as attempted or actual rape. Boys will be boys and that’s what girls are for afterall.” I have to say, I’m a little bit unsettled that you don’t have more empathy around that.

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