Yes, I’ve heard/read this about men before, so I’m not doubting that part at all. I just think that women would be a lot like this also if they weren’t socialized out of it. We have this cultural narrative that men are biologically programmed to spread their seed and that they are visually programmed for that reason. We have been told that women are biologically programmed for monogamy, wanting one provider and protector to care for her and their offspring. Recent research indicates that women are less naturally inclined to monogamy than men are. I’d assume that a gatherer is probably going to need to be even more visually attuned to her surroundings than a hunter.

I really think it’s socialization. We’ve had 10,000 years of patriarchy telling women that her sexuality is bad, and is only to be expressed in the confines of marriage for the benefit of her husband, that she must be demure, and modest, always taking care not to inadvertently arouse a man who isn’t her husband. Combine that with the real safety concerns of being a woman out in the world, and you’ve got someone who’s natural inclinations have been blunted significantly.

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