Yes, but I don't get why people standing up for themselves is hate. Oppression and marginalization are caused by the dominance hierarchy and in the Western hemisphere (and in much of the rest of the world) those at the top of the dominance hierarchy are white men and that's been the case for hundreds of years. It was the law until only about 50 years ago and it's still largely in effect in much of our society. That's not actually in dispute. You've stipulated to a lot of the things that indicate that in the past. It doesn't matter what individuals have done because the power dynamics are such that white men have had all the power until very, very recently, and they've used it badly in many instances.

That place in the hierarchy isn't passive. It's been maintained through brutality and oppression and by keeping those lower down the hierarchy from having a chance to make their way. That's why it's a dominance hierarchy. Whether or not you have actively participated in discrimination you have colluded with the society that perpetrated that, as have I -whether actively or passively. Pretending that isn't so and that you shouldn't have to hear about the pain that it has caused is privilege with a capital P because those who have suffered from that do not have the luxury of not thinking about it.

Calling out harmful behavior that negatively impacts real people's lives in real ways is not itself bad behavior. You never did answer me about what people are supposed to do about the injustices that you admit they suffer. Unless you can offer something constructive to address the wrongs that you know have been and continue to be perpetrated I don't think you really have standing to tell other people they are doing it wrong.

I know you have a big and caring heart, which is why your belief that standing up for basic civil rights is hateful surprises and saddens me.

Dispelling cultural myths with research-driven stories. My favorite word is “specious.” Not fragile like a flower; fragile like a bomb! Twitter @ElleBeau

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