Where’s the citation? From RAINN?

Edit: Nevermind, I found it — as well as this:

“What makes this doubly frustrating is that the concept of rape culture has been really useful in guiding recent efforts to stop rape by focusing on the ways that rapists exploit the culture to evade justice. The bill addressing sexual assault in the military that passed in December demonstrates the impact that “rape culture” as a concept has had. Most of the provisions — disallowing commanders to overturn rape convictions, making it a crime to retaliate against accusers, and giving civilian defense officials more power in prosecuting rape — stem from a new understanding about the way that a rapist’s friends and colleagues will often give him cover and protection and blame the victim for her disruptive accusations. RAINN’s own recommendations on how to reduce the problem of rape on campus also show that they get this on some level, as they suggest that universities educate students about what is and isn’t consent, so rapists can’t exploit confusion about this issue to get away with their crimes.”

So, apparently, what you are trying to assert is that actually most men are rapists and it’s not just a comparatively small number of people emboldened by a society that protects them who perpetrate the huge number of rapes and attempted rapes in this country? Interesting tactic/perspective!

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