When people are marching in the streets because they are in so much pain that they don't know what else to do, indicating that we ought to instead focus on how far we've come is insulting and counterproductive. It's a way for you to feel good about yourself no matter how they feel. You may deem that an aggressive thing to say. I deem it to be blunt and direct (which is often considered aggressive when it comes from a woman - even by other women), but that isn't going to stop me from doing it. I'm not trying to take a swing, I'm trying to be truly honest.

And as noted further down, we haven't actually come all that far. A lot of things are still about where they were in the 1970s, which is better than the 1950s to be sure, but isn't exactly good - as evidenced by the #MeToo movement and worldwide marches against police brutality.

Of course, there is room for individuality and that does count but it counts for a lot less than you imagine it does. I refer you back to an example I've given before about the high rate of rape in the military. You personally not being a rapist or condoning that does nothing to stem that culture. Sitting smugly by and saying "That's not me" does nothing at all to help the 38 men a day who are raped, the 1 in 4 women who are raped and the 80% who are sexually harassed because that alone doesn't change the culture. Same goes for racism or any other kind of discrimination.

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