We totally need something different and there are some small movements afoot, including the work of Brene Brown, and Eisler’s The Center for Partnership Studies. The hot new trend in business is decentralization and what is essentially a partnership-oriented rather than a dominance hierarchy structure because it’s more agile.

I don’t know if you read this piece or not about Misogyny vs. Sexism but one of the points is that people who functionally believe in equality might still uphold misogyny because it’s somewhat subconscious and more about maintaining the known social system than about hate.

Women who resist or flout gendered norms and expectations may subsequently garner suspicion and consternation, which has less to do with their challenging gendered norms per se, and more to do with their challenging entrenched norms simpliciter. And for some people, feminism in particular has profoundly disrupted their sense of the social order.

Manne, Kate. Down Girl (p. 61). Oxford University Press. Kindle Edition.

I think there are haters and racists in the Trump supporter ranks, but I think that many of them don’t identify with that because the dominance hierarchy makes sense to them and just seems like the way the world should be and so it’s not an overt thing.

Churches are very hierarchical in general, which as I’ve already said, is why they often veer away from the things that Jesus taught. I’ll look forward to reading what you linked.

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