We all have all kinds of things going on in our subconscious that drive our actions and speech, and there is no way to every make that all conscious, but examining your motivations for things by stepping back and observing yourself in action can go a long way to bringing at least some of that into a place where it can be worked with in the conscious mind.

The Right complains about "liberal elites" but there are just as many on their side of the aisle. What is Trump and his gold toilet if not that? Deflecting attention to liberals is a red herring to keep the conservative base from noticing that billionaires are getting richer at the expense of our nation and the rest of us. The real issue is oligarchs more generally, of whatever political stripe.

One clarification however, within a comment that I largely agree with. The hairdresser doesn't worry that he or she will someday make more than $400,000. It's just that this Strict Father moral outlook conflates wealth with morality and doesn't believe that those who have "done everything right" should then be punished for that (although there is some issue in equating paying your fair share with punishment). As I've said, it's not logical for anybody because it's a deeply seated subconscious belief system.

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