Twisted words, this is the article I was talking about.

I read a similar article in the Washington Post yesterday, told first hand from another man who went to these kinds of elite prep schools and who knows first hand what kind of man they breed. I read another article, also in the Post, about the male bonding ritual of sexual dehumanizing women, which is endemic in certain circles and was showcased in the movies of the early 80s which Kavanaugh himself admitted they tried to model themselves after. Movies like Porkys and Animal House.

This is what is in play. There is no substantive evidence of political collusion, and if we are to believe people’s protests of innocence until it is proven otherwise, then that needs to be applied in this case as well. In a world where sexual violence is so epidemic, why is it so hard to conceive that a perponderance of people would find that abhorrent enough to consider not allowing him onto the highest court in the land. To make this not about a serious potential crime is to dismiss the women it happens to as unimportant. I don’t know what TV channels you watch but I have never heard anyone say the allegation alone should disqualify him. Everyone I’ve seen has simply found it a red flag that indicates that a real, detailed investigation was needed. It took the outrage of the American people and the courage of a few in the senate, but we are finally getting one. I hope you will take the time to read the article from Umair. It’s right on target about what I’ve been talking about recently as regards domination hierarchies. Here’s an excerpt.

In America, power doesn’t just seem to license abuse — “you get more abusive as you get more powerful”: it’s not the case that these were once decent and kind men. Instead, it seems that American social structures select for and reward abusers — because that is how tribal, primal hierarchies are maintained, enforced, and reproduced. It takes predation and abuse to establish the hierarchy, who is on top, who is on bottom, and who is not a person at all, and America is made of just such hierarchies, such pecking orders of dominance and violence, only maybe implicit, everywhere you look — from work to politics to culture — and hence, America is a place where abuse and predation have become endemic, systemic, and normal.

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