This article was written in April of this year, and although I’m sure progress continues to be made, many smaller municipalities are still struggling.

Cops don’t always take rape seriously because they don’t always understand the neuroscience of trauma.

You said a while back that if I could provide you with a citation that indicated 1 in 6 women would be raped or have rape attempted, that wasn’t the CDC one you would pay attention. RAINN takes their statistics from a variety of sources, including Justice Department bureaus who specifically track this kind of thing (Bureau of Justice Statistics and Office for Victims of Crime). Interestingly, I used to work for The Office of Justice Programs, of which BJS and OVC are departments.

“The scope and impact of sexual violence are difficult to measure, and there is no single source of data that provides a complete picture of the crime and its effect on all victims. Still, statistics are vital to understanding the crime, and can help spot trends and track patterns over time. The statistics on RAINN’s website have been selected from the most credible sources available to provide a look at sexual violence and the many ways it affects Americans each year.”

I’ve kept coming back because this topic is dear to my heart and I take great exception to survivors being retraumatized by being told that this isn’t an issue of epidemic proportions (it is) or that we are overreacting or adopting a victim mentality (we aren’t). Every woman I know (and most likely nearly every woman you know) has some kind of story — whether it’s full on rape or groping or harassment and most women have multiple experiences. This has been the history of what it means to be female in this world, and it’s time for that to end! This is not a political or idealogical stance — it’s a human decency stance! And we need good men to help bring about greater progress. This is a sociology problem, and not a government problem.

Which is why I brought up your daughter. Younger women have a better chance because things are slowly beginning to change, but appearing to disbelieve and undermine those who are trying to bring on that change isn’t what will contribute to creating that world for her and her peers.

As I’ve said in many of my writings, men are not the problem. Certain men and the society that allows them to abuse others largely unchecked is the problem. Dominance hierarchy is the problem because it actively elevates those who are most cruel and callous to the highest part of the hierarchy and the greatest positions of power. But that’s a whole ‘nuther topic………

So, I do apologize if I’ve been rude or otherwise out of line. But that being said, I still stand behind everything that I have asserted so far as relates to statistics, violence against women as an epidemic and national public health emergency, etc.

And as to Dixon-Cole, of course, everyone is theoreticaly capable of telling a lie, just as everyone is theoretically capable of murder in the right circumstances, but what you are missing is the nuances and the element of criminal profiling. For this reason, it’s radically unlikely — and in practice does not happen — that a false accuser would invent a story where the issue of consent could seem ambiguous.That woman had a revenge or getting out of trouble motive (one of the classics). It was never a situation where consent was at issue, as in a date rape situation (which is the bulk of rapes). You seem to be asserting that criminal profiling is a bogus thing, which I’m sure the FBI would find amusing. You have also not provided anything other than your say so of why the extensive research provided by the author is not valid. This is the kind of thing that sends me a bit around the bend……..

And I just have to laugh about this one before I go, “devoting your emotions with strangers on the internet is about the most foolish thing anyone can do positive or negative.” Then why have you continued to do so, if that’s the case?

In fact, as I’ve already mentioned, I’ve made quite a few friends through debating with them on Medium. I’ve also actually had several men end up by apologizing to me or otherwise indicating that they now have a broader perspective than before, to say nothing of the fact that it’s often helped me with story ideas. My purpose here is not to be “right” or to show others that they are stupid. It’s to exchange ideas, and hopefully to build some bridges from time to time. All evidence indicates that at least some of that time, that does in fact take place!

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Dispelling cultural myths with research-driven stories. My favorite word is “specious.” Not fragile like a flower; fragile like a bomb! Twitter @ElleBeau

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