The points that you make about the Bill of Rights, etc., do not refute or negate the fact that it took collective action to throw off British rule (and plenty of books have already been written about that). Hell, it took collective action to write the Bill of Rights, although the “individuals” they were referring to were white men. Women and slaves didn’t have a lot of rights. It also took collective action to abolish slavery, enfranchise women, get children out of coal mines, make it illegal to fire women for being pregnant, etc., etc. And as Peterson himself commented, Martin Luther King had a duty to his country and his culture, even though his own house was not in order. Why then do all of us not have a similar duty? And no sane person can liken abolishing slavery to fascism. It took 50 years of constant agitation to get the 40 hour work week codified into law. If individual factory owners had been left to do what they wanted, you’d still have 100 hour work weeks in manufacturing. Is that really acceptable?

What happens to people of color who have done well in school, gotten a good job and done everything right as far as self-responsibility who still get hassled and arrested for being Black in public? Their individual efforts count for nothing at all in the world. Their self-responsibility gets them exactly no-where. And yet, they are the ones who are consdered out of line if they should happen to want to bring that up.

You also did not address my other question that if everyone is an individual and group identity is not useful, why then does Peterson routinely demonize entire groups of people? That’s hardly what a bodhissatva does — demonize people and call them names, but that’s what Peterson does on a regular basis. Hardly saintly…..

Dispelling cultural myths with research-driven stories. My favorite word is “specious.” Not fragile like a flower; fragile like a bomb! Twitter @ElleBeau

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