The overwhelming majority of rapes have nothing at all to do with someone changing their mind mid-stream. And an assault culture is part of a rape culture. You can’t concede that we have a sexual assault culture and then stop there. They are a part of the same dynamic. You have no interface with reality on this topic - I mean truly none at all. Read this story from the Washington Post because it is reflective of the actual larger reality. People say they are against rape, but their behaviors belie that - and I'm not just talking about perps. That's because we have a rape culture.

It’s a story about what happened 12 years ago to Amber Wyatt, a girl the reporter had gone to high school with who had been raped and who immediately reported it to fellow party-goers and the police. Her physical exam showed trauma consistent to rape and she had the semen of one of her attackers in her body. But despite all of that, her community, from law enforcement to fellow students and parents, actually turned on her, rather than bringing her attackers to justice. For a more detailed account of why that might be, read the article.

When interviewed for the Amber Wyatt story, former Fort Worth Police Department sergeant, Cheryl Johnson, said it was common practice to not pursue cases or for grand juries not to indict, despite strong evidence of a crime.

“We had cases where there were photographs and confessions from the suspects that were no-billed,” Johnson told me in 2015 in the tidy living room of her Fort Worth home. One case in particular stuck with her: A man admitted to giving a woman drugs that would render her unconscious — and then raping her after she had passed out and photographing the act. The victim was sent the photographs of her own rape, which she turned over to police. Still, the grand jury decided not to indict.

If you don't recognize that as being a rape culture, there is no point in discussing this any further.

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