The men I’m intimate with trim their pubic hair really, really short, and I definitely appreciate it. Last year when I had a roll in the hay with a younger man who had a full “head” of hair, I was definitely surprised but didn’t say anything. It wasn’t going to be an on-going thing, but if it were, I definitely would have said something.

My husband and I got together way back in the dark ages before most women did that kind of thing. He liked to tease me if my patch is getting a bit long that I was going for a “full 80’s bush” so I put him in charge of maintenance. He is now my “hair stylist.” If it’s not how he likes it, it’s his own fault. 😁

Dispelling cultural myths with research-driven stories. My favorite word is “specious.” Not fragile like a flower; fragile like a bomb! Twitter @ElleBeau

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