The CDC, the FBI and other governmental sources, say that rape or attempted rape happens to 1 in 6 women in their lifetime. This data indicates that rape is indeed an acceptable thing in our culture. If it weren’t acceptable, it wouldn’t be happening at such a high rate. Combine that with lenient or non-existent punishment that is quite often given for convicted rapists, and you’ve got another proof of rape culture. One doesn’t have to be a rapist to be a part of rape culture; merely a society that overwhelmingly blames victims, tolerates and turns a blind eye to rape, and doesn’t punish perpetrators very often (sometimes, but mostly only poor, brown ones). Ask any woman what she is most personally afraid of, and unless she’s got a history of breast cancer in her family, overwhelmingly she’s most likely to say rape.

Former sergeant Cheryl Johnson of the Fort Worth Police Department started counting around 2007, the year that Wyatt’s father said her case went before a Tarrant County grand jury. As head of Fort Worth’s adult sex crimes unit, she was sending dozens of rape cases to the Tarrant County district attorney’s office to be presented to the county’s grand jury. But again and again, the grand jury had “no-billed” her cases, deciding not to indict — even when they seemed open and shut to Johnson.

“We had cases where there were photographs and confessions from the suspects that were no-billed,” Johnson told me in 2015 in the tidy living room of her Fort Worth home. One case in particular stuck with her: A man admitted to giving a woman drugs that would render her unconscious — and then raping her after she had passed out and photographing the act. The victim was sent the photographs of her own rape, which she turned over to police. Still, the grand jury decided not to indict.

Every 98 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted.

And every 8 minutes, that victim is a child. Meanwhile, only 6 out of every 1,000 perpetrators will end up in prison.

  • 1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime (14.8% completed, 2.8% attempted).
  • About 3% of American men — or 1 in 33 — have experienced an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime.

9 out of every 10 victims of rape are female.

The facts speak for themselves. No point of view is necessary.

Conversely, you have no supports for your position other than your own ideology.

Dispelling cultural myths with research-driven stories. My favorite word is “specious.” Not fragile like a flower; fragile like a bomb! Twitter @ElleBeau

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