“That judge, Karen LeCraft Henderson, had dismissed other complaints against Kavanaugh as frivolous, but she concluded that some were substantive enough that they should not be handled by Kavanaugh’s fellow judges in the D.C. Circuit.” — which is why they were referred to the Supreme Court.

Also: LIE 1
In 2004, Kavanaugh claimed that the nomination of anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ judge William Pryor was “not one that I worked on personally.”
Newly released emails showed Kavanaugh was involved in selecting Pryor, interviewing him, and working to confirm him.

In 2006, Kavanaugh denied he “primarily handl[ed]” the nomination of Judge Charles Pickering, who had pushed to reduce the sentence of a man convicted of burning a cross in front of an interracial couple’s house.
Emails released this year show that Kavanaugh prepared documents on Pickering and worked on a draft op-ed in support of the nominee.

In 2006, Kavanaugh denied that he “handled” the nomination of William Haynes.
Recent emails revealed that Kavanaugh played a large role in Haynes nomination, including determining that Haynes “would be an across-the-board judicial conservative”.

In 2004, Kavanaugh denied knowing that he had received documents stolen from Democratic senators during the Bush administration, claiming that he was “not aware of that matter ever until I learned of it in the media late last year.”

Emails showed that Kavanaugh received stolen information about Senator Leahy and was told to hold it in the “strictest confidence” and to keep it confidential — Kavanaugh should have known that it was improperly obtained.

Kavanaugh’s claims otherwise were deemed by one fact checker to “defy logic”.

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