That is more prevalently the case, but pretty much every year the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program pays a couple of people for GBS after vaccination. Few people bother to go through that special court to get that far, and it is relatively rare, but my point is, if it’s happened to you or someone in your family, the fact that it’s rare is irrelevant. We may never be able to completely eliminate the risk, but I believe that there is room for improvement in understanding what kinds of factors might lead to such an occurrence. Also, unlike pharmaceuticals that have a 20-second disclaimer for a 30-second commercial, it’s not typical to warn patients of the potential risks. That’s what I’m advocating for.

“There have been several studies of the risk of GBS after flu vaccine and CDC monitors for GBS during each flu season. The data on an association between seasonal influenza vaccine and GBS have been variable from season-to-season. When there has been an increased risk, it has consistently been in the range of 1–2 additional GBS cases per million flu vaccine doses administered.”

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