Thanks for weighing in and Yes, sex is just the weapon of subjugation. Nicely put!. A patriarchal system is a dominance hierarchy. If you don't win, you lose, and so you must constantly vie to attain or even hold position on the pyramid of power via any means possible, with bullying, fear, and even violence. This harms men just as much as women, because only very small numbers of men and an even smaller number of women can be at the apex of the pyramid.

Even the ones who succeed in getting there by being the most ruthless, lose their soul in the process. Trump is the prime example. He is the poster boy for dominance hierarchy success, but he's still miserable. Nobody loves him or even likes him, although ironically, millions like what he stands for (the maintenance of the traditional hierarchy where everyone "knew their place." - like in the 1950s) Getting more women into higher places on the dominance hierarchy doesn't fix anything, because the social system is still brutal and dog-eat-dog. Moving towards a different kind of society is what's needed.

"So, what does a contemporary partnership-oriented society even look like? Nordic countries such as Denmark have the closest approximation in modern times. Denmark is considered one of the happiest countries in the world by the UN World Happiness Report. One of the reasons may be that Danish schools teach empathy as a part of the regular curriculum, and provide weekly opportunities for students to help each other work through problems with the assistance of the teacher, based on listening to and understanding each other.

A key element of Danish culture is hygge, which could be defined as “intentionally created intimacy”. “In a country where it gets dark very early in the year, it rains, it’s gray, hygge means bringing light, warmth and friendship, creating a shared, welcoming and intimate atmosphere.” One of the elements of this is discouraging competition between individuals. Instead, students are asked to strive to do their best, using only themselves as a metric for improvement.

Cooperative learning amongst people of different skill levels fosters a sense of support and caring. For example, students who are better at one subject help teach those who are less proficient, and they may, in turn, be on the receiving end of that kind of tutoring in another subject. This approach reduces bullying and helps to build a stronger sense of community, but it also teaches the relational skills necessary for successful management and entrepreneurship."

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