“Saying you have a nice ass isn’t hurting you or demeaning you.” What makes you think you have the right to comment on my body? Because you mistakenly believe that it is there for you to enjoy or to please you when it is neither of those things. Why don’t you attempt to engage in some empathy of how that might feel that every single time you went out in public, your appearance was up for public comment and appraisal by strangers, who might then take it upon themselves to grope you or otherwise acost you; who might try to pull you into an alley or a car? That you never know if you get into an elevator with a strange man if he will attack you; if you go to your car late at night, if you are safe? Can you empathize with what the cumulative experience of that might be — that this time you might experience something that is just a bit annoying, but it might be a day when something terrifying happens instead and you won’t know which it’s going to be until you walk out that door, but that every single day of your life from age 10 or 11 you will have to run this kind of a gauntlet, over and over again? Where’s your empathy for that?!

Respectful behavior is the Golden Rule. How would you wish to be treated by someone else and if you make a mistake, due to cultural or other differences, then you apologize and try to make it right. It means being just as concerned about the other person’s comfort and needs as your own. It means being tuned into the other person to try to gauge how you are doing, and if you aren’t sure, then you ask.

And since the rest of your diatribe is all about how you are entitled to tell women to smile and the like, (completely devoid of empathy, I might add), and how women are being selfish if they don’t respond well to that, I think I’m about done here.

Dispelling cultural myths with research-driven stories. My favorite word is “specious.” Not fragile like a flower; fragile like a bomb! Twitter @ElleBeau

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