Only about 5 or 6 out of every 1000 rapists serve any jail time at all and a lot of the community didn’t think they should be punished, as apparently you don’t either. And is that what you really want to be publicly known for, defending rape and rapists as not really such a big deal? All I can say is Wow! The harmful part about rape is the psychological aspect not the physical one. Most people (men get raped too, about 38 a day in the military alone) who are raped suffer from things like depression, PTSD, insomnia, anxiety, etc.

The purpose of rape, sexual assault, and unwanted touch of any kind is to convey to someone else (even if it’s subconscious) that they are a thing and that their body does not belong to them. It’s an act of exerting domination. This is why rape is such a common weapon of war, both historically and in the present day.

There is a lot of shame that goes with being raped and sexually assaulted. You have been reduced to an object that is in the power of someone else. Your very being will be appropriated in whatever way the rapist or assaulter decides. This undermines a person’s sense of self in a very detrimental way.

Beverly Engel is a psychotherapist and author of more than 20 self-help books, including a forthcoming book on surviving sexual assault. She said shame and self-blame are central reasons why survivors of assault don’t report these crimes.

“Victims are often too ashamed to come forward. Sexual assault is a very humiliating and dehumanizing act against someone. The person really feels invaded and defiled, and there is a lot of shame attached to that,” Engel told ABC News.

Doing that to someone who is not at full mental capacity to begin with is completely reprehensible and if you can't understand that, it says quite lot about you - none of it good.

Also, the constitution (and American common law) takes body autonomy very seriously. The government cannot force you to give blood or bone marrow to someone else, even to save the life of a baby. You cannot take organs from a dead person without their express prior consent, no matter how many lives it might save to do so. Forcibly violating someone’s body autonomy is a serious crime, and if they are not able to legally give consent due to age or mental incapacity of some kind (being too drunk to consent or having an IQ of 64) then a serious crime has taken place.

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