Let’s look at the basics, shall we? When you have a “he said/she said” kind of situation and one person answers plainly, clearly and even says things that might be held against her and another blatantly lies (under oath), evades questions and attacks the questioners, it’s pretty easy to determine who has something to hide.

Good lord, the sheer amount of conspiracy theory here is mesmerizing. And how do you know that she has a “recovered memory” brought out by a therapist and not that she went into that field and has worked with therapists due to surviving this trauma? Why is it fine for you to make unsubstantiated assertions? And what about the polygraph she passed that was administered by a retired FBI agent. Why doesn’t that count for anything?

There are zero issues with her testimony. It fits exactly with what actual, well studied, scientific trauma response looks like. It’s text book! Just because you don’t know that or don’t understand it is not relevant to whether or not it’s true. Eye witness testimony is a completely different thing from personally experienced trauma, which works just as she testified. The relevant trauma gets seared indelibly into the hippocampus, while anciallary details are often fuzzy.

His testimony, on the other hand, is rife with evasion and outright lies. This is a very long article simply because there is such a huge volume of lies to analyze. Honest people do not behave in this way. Retired Republican Justice Stevens says Kavanaugh is not fit for the court, based on his temperment and behavior alone.

“But I am not actually trying here to prove that Christine Blasey Ford is telling the truth, even though I don’t think Kavanaugh or the Republicans have produced good arguments against her. The idea that her testimony is disproven by the calendars or the witness statements is false. The idea that Kavanaugh is an honest upstanding person who was a gentleman in high school is false. The primary Republican argument is that Ford cannot prove it, but it is very hard to prove a crime like this. I’m mainly interested, though, in showing that Kavanaugh isn’t telling the truth. Not because I am unfairly giving him higher scrutiny, but because he’s the one being considered for the Supreme Court, and if he’s lying, that should be the end of the issue as far as the Senate is concerned. Out he goes!”

Last year we sat another conservative justice who also went to Georgetown Prep and to Yale with few issues. This particular man is unfit to hold the judicial position he currently has, much less to be elevated to a lifetime appointment on the highest court.

“What does it say about this country that this is the state of our discourse? That Kavanaugh even stands any chance of being made one of the most powerful figures in the American government, with control over life and liberty? That a man like this is even a judge? He went before the United States Senate and showed total contempt for his vow to tell the truth. He attempted to portray a highly esteemed doctor as a crazy person, by consistently misrepresenting the evidence. He treated the public like we were idiots, like we wouldn’t notice as he pretended he was ralphing during Beach Week from too many jalapeños, as he feigned ignorance about sex slang, as he misread his own meticulously-kept 1982 summer calendar, as he replied to questions about his drinking habits by talking about church, as he suggested there are no alcoholics at Yale, as he denied knowing who “Bart O’Kavanaugh” could possibly be based on, as he declared things refuted that weren’t actually refuted, as he claimed witnesses said things they didn’t say, as he failed to explain why nearly a dozen Yale classmates said he drank heavily, as he invented an imaginary drinking game to avoid admitting he had the mind of a sports jock in high school, as he said Ford had only accused him last week, as he responded to his roommate’s eyewitness statement with an incoherent story about furniture, as he pretended Bethesda wasn’t five miles wide, as he insisted Renate should be flattered by the ditty about how easy she was, as he declared that distinguished federal judges don’t commit sexual misconduct even though he had clerked for exactly such a judge.

And what does it say about us, and our political system, that he might well get away with it?”

You either really hate women or you really love Republican politics and don’t care who they ensconce as long as he carries your flag. Because when you look at actual facts and actual science, instead of wild assertions about mind control and the CIA, the truth is right there in front of you.

Dispelling cultural myths with research-driven stories. My favorite word is “specious.” Not fragile like a flower; fragile like a bomb! Twitter @ElleBeau

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