Joe Duncan, please use the critical thinking that you seem to believe you have and I don’t to demonstrate to me the things in the OP that are unscientific or antiscientific. You are doing here just what I described — putting an intellectual sounding veneer over what is essentially your emotional response.

I’ve laid out a very well supported thesis, supported by research, and both sociological and psychological concepts. To that, I’ve added my personal experience but you have only spoken from your personal experience and what you just know to be true without supporting it in any way. This is the hallmark of this phenomenon that I’ve described.

No amount of coursework on critical thinking will improve your ability to do that until you integrate your shadow and your emotions into your full self. As I said in the OP, unless you do that, you will believe you are rational but you will be run by your emotions from behind the scenes. This is a construct that is one of the center elements of Carl Jung’s work.

Of course, women make emotional responses also. I’ve never said that they don’t. They rarely pretend that they are scientific and rational while making them, however.

“The persona is the mask we wear in relation to the world and others. It is created through a combination of socialization, societal expectations, one’s experience of the world, and the natural attributes and tendencies of the individual. It combines elements of how we want to see ourselves, ideally, and how we want the world to see us, as well as how the world does see us and wants us to be. Our persona defines our social identity; it is constructed in relation to the roles we play in our lives and in our world, how we want to look and be seen. It is the face we wear to be presentable and acceptable to our society. It is not necessarily who we really are, but who we want and pretend to be to others and, many times, to ourselves.” (War of the Gods in Addiction, David Schoen)”

Because in our society, masculinity is not just something you embody, it is something that has to be continually performed, including appearing to be nothing that is feminine (such as have or demonstrate vulnerable emotions), men are much more likely to be run by their emotions because they have disavowed them.

I look forward to your critical thinking on this!

Dispelling cultural myths with research-driven stories. My favorite word is “specious.” Not fragile like a flower; fragile like a bomb! Twitter @ElleBeau

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