I’ve quoted you FBI statistics and statistics from other government bodies — which are hardly “left wing conspiracy organizations”; I’ve quoted to you from scholarly articles about how surveys are the primary way to ascertain quantitative data; I’ve quoted to you from national and international health organizations, but none of that matters because you live in the dream world of your own mind where you make up the facts for yourself to suit your own needs.

You are tilting at windmills with your specious example about my husband. I’ve never once advocated for dispensing with thorough investigation or with due process. You are histrionic and therefore irrational. You repeatedly put words in my mouth and focused on things that are not particularly relevent to this conversation. If you had bothered to read the articles I’ve linked, you would know and understand about the profile of a false accuser, and how distinct that is. You wouldn’t be fixated on one case about one woman.

Teaching women self-defense gets cancelled out by unsupported assertions of inflated statistics and general resistance to actually educating yourself around this topic beyond the myths you’ve ingested. An intelligent mind is a curious mind. It’s always looking to have it’s preconceived notions challenged and to garner new data and perspectives.

That’s darling that you consider yourself a feminist……. “so if she lied, they can all lie.” Yeah, that’s the kind of thing that feminists say, or even that rational, sane people say — that all women are manipulative liars is a well known feminist stance. 🤪 It’s what paranoid misogynists say — people incapable of critical thinking who live in prisons of fear and hatred. The FBI says that 8% of accusations are false. Is that all accusations? Is that a left-wing conspiracy organization?

You are off in your own world, which is where I’m going to leave you…….

Dispelling cultural myths with research-driven stories. My favorite word is “specious.” Not fragile like a flower; fragile like a bomb! Twitter @ElleBeau

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