I've answered your question repeatedly but you haven't answered mine. And you're making more bad analogies. There is no other crime in the US where victims are routinely put on trial, and asked what they did to bring this on themselves. There is no other crime where it takes 60 victims before anyone will take the claims of the first one seriously. There is no other crime where judges are reluctant to give the appropriate sentence because they don't want to "ruin the life" of a promising young man, even though he's already ruined the life of a promising young woman. There is no other crime where if the perpetrator took pictures of himself committing the crime and sent them to the victim, that the grand jury would still decline to indict.

If Donald Trump had 20+ people who were accusing him of non-sexual assault he wouldn't be the president, he'd be in jail. That's the difference.

In 1989, members of the Glen Ridge, New Jersey football team raped a 17-year-old girl in the basement of one of the boys’ houses. The girl had an intellectual disability, and was later reported to have an IQ of about 64. The boys took turns orally and vaginally penetrating her, and then penetrated her with a broom and a baseball bat, both of which were covered in baggies coated with Vaseline. One of them said they should stop, a suggestion that was ignored. The boys then told the girl not to tell anyone, then told her to leave. The incident was only reported to the police when a teacher overheard one of the boys bragging to another student that they were planning to coax a repeat performance out of the girl, which they planned to videotape.

But rather than being outraged that these young men were so heartless and depraved and that they took advantage of someone who was vulnerable, the community rallied around the boys. Overwhelmingly, they believed that the boys shouldn’t even be charged with a crime. After all, these White, upper-middle class boys had their whole lives ahead of them. The unspoken subtext was that they shouldn’t have their futures ruined for something as trivial as brutally raping a girl who had no way to defend herself. And then bragging about it. And then planning to do it again. And then planning to film it…….

As horrendous as this was to read about, the fact that this attitude is not exactly rare is what made me cry. From Brock Turner to Brett Kavanaugh, to a spate of more recent cases of young White adult men being convicted of raping 14-year-olds who none-the-less were not sentenced to time in jail, there is still a pernicious idea that this is some kind of boys-will-be-boys antics that ought to be excused. "He only raped one girl. That shouldn’t have to ruin his entire life. He doesn’t need to go on the sex-offender list. "

A culture that shames and vilifies victims, and doesn't punish most perpetrators, but rather makes excuses for them is a rape culture. The story above is far from rare. I could link you more but it’s not like you are going to read them.

Amish brothers who gang-raped sister, 12 avoided jail time

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