I’ve already linked you an entire story about the 1 in 16 stat which details the 10 year study that produced it. Here it is again for your convenience.

“ Nowhere is this belief made more evident than the data gleaned from a study that was recently published in the medical journal, JAMA Internal Medicine.”

I’ve also already linked you a story and data on the second part as well. Perhaps you should pay closer attention in the future?

Furthermore, in the most detailed study ever conducted of sexual assault reports to police, undertaken for the British Home Office in the early 2000s, out of 216 complaints that were classified as false, only 126 had even gotten to the stage where the accuser lodged a formal complaint. Only 39 complainants named a suspect. Only six cases led to an arrest, and only two led to charges being brought before they were ultimately deemed false. (Here, as elsewhere, it has to be assumed that some unknown percentage of the cases classified as false actually involved real rapes; what they don’t involve is countless innocent men’s lives being ruined.)

There’s also this data from RAINN

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