It’s not claims — it’s what we all heard with our own ears and saw with our own eyes! There is no drinking game called Devil’s Triangle and there never has been. He made that up, part and parcel to cover up for the fact that the term actually has always referred to two men having sex with one woman (which is exactly what he has been accused of attempting).

Renate alumnus doesn’t mean they all thought she was swell and a good friend. You know that as well as Renate did when she realized they had said that about her. Renate Dolphin was hurt and horrified to learn that a group of boys had made that up about her and written a little song to go with it: “When it’s late and you need a date, don’t despair, just call Renate.” It’s a complete and total lie that they respected her and wanted to honor her friendship in some way.

He said he never went to the kind of gathering that Ford described and yet on Thursday, July 1 his calendar clearly states that he went for (bru)skis with PJ, Judge, and a couple of others after working out at Tobin’s house -exactly the kind of gathering that she described..

I could go on and on…… the sheer number of perjurous statements he made fills than entire long article I linked you.

If you want to delusionally cling to some ideology, then fine. But if you really want to actually pursue the truth, why don’t you look at the facts because they speak for themselves! If you don’t care that he’s a serial liar and no doubt an attempted rapist because you just want someone like him on the court for ideological reasons, you should just admit that. But don’t claim then that you are seeking actual truth and justice and the integrity of the process, because it doesn’t hold water.

Dispelling cultural myths with research-driven stories. My favorite word is “specious.” Not fragile like a flower; fragile like a bomb! Twitter @ElleBeau

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