It is actually a tiny bit amusing at how differently two people can see the same thing. I don’t expect you to change your point of view but here’s what I see:

Someone whose life was so haunted by this experience that she moved to California to get as far away as possible for where it took place.

Who went into psychology to try to understand and deal with her emotions and subsequent anxiety — including claustrophobia which makes it unpleasant and difficult to fly on an airplane and caused her to get into a enough of a fight with her husband over putting two front doors on her house that they ended up in couple’s counseling, where the reason for the anxiety was first discussed.

Asked to have the allegation kept confidential because she didn’t want to have to talk about it publicly but also didn’t want to live in country where her attacker was now at one of the highest levels of government. Considered leaving the country so as to not have to endure that.

Passed a polygraph test (you’ve never addressed how that managed to occur)

Was so genuine and believable that even men like Lindsey Graham believed her (you haven’t addressed how that could be either) although they conveniently came up with ways to get around that since it stood in the way of their politcal machinations.

Gave testimony that is in line with the neuroscience of trauma as well as the neuroscience of current stress. Didn’t try to hide or cover up places where she misspoke or needed to alter her testimony — also consistent with someone who is honest.

Witnesses do not deny anything at all; they simply say they can’t remember it. You don’t seem to be self-aware enough to grasp the distinction around that even though I’ve repeatedly explained to you that it is considered a very separate thing under law. Her friend Leland says she believes Ford even though she doesn’t have a specific memory of that particular gathering.

He grew up entitled in an environment that actively taught him to devalue women and anyone else who wasn’t in the “elite” ranks that he and his fellow students were in. Was taught that the rules for other people don’t apply to him.

Began drinking underage, to the point of being sloppy drunk who often couldn’t remember what he did when drunk, from a young age until at least through law school. Has dozens of corroborations of that from both men and women who knew him then, who also confirmed that he was a belligerant drunk who acted like a typical frat boy. Lied about that under oath.

His own yearbook entry as well as the book based in real life experiences written by Judge portray him not as squeaky clean, but as a notorious drunken party boy who treated women with disrespect and as objects for sexual conquest. Lied about that some more under oath.

All three women who accused him commented on how he and his friends laughed at their expense as they tried to sexually demean them and how that was the element that most stuck out in their minds. Consistent MO

Clerked for notorious judge Alex Kozinski, who had to retire from his own lifetime appointment to the 9th Circuit rather than continue to undergo investigation for gross sexual misconduct alleged by at least 15 different women. Kavanaugh swore under oath that he had no idea Kozinksi was behaving this way. Meanwhile, my husband who was a lawyer in a firm in the DC area at the same time, knew all about it. Everyone in the legal community knew about it, because Kozinski didn’t bother to hide it — after all, he had a lifetime appointment. Yet another Kavanaugh lie to cover his ass and further his career.

Lied under oath in his hearing to be appointed to the DC Circuit court. Already linked the extensive details of that.

Has a demonstrable, verifiable penchant for lying under oath to further his own career over several decades.

Had hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt related to sports tickets mysteriously cleaned up just before the hearing.

Behaved like someone who has something to hide during the entire hearing. Made wild politicized accusations like that the Clintons were trying to take him down.

Behaved so poorly that a retired conservative Justice publicly declared that he found Kavanaugh unfit for the bench.

You persist in the notion that unless it can be proven to the standard of a court of law that he attacked her that he was owed that position. On the other hand, I see a broad picture of someone who is unfit for the high court, based on a wide variety reasons, only one of which is that it seems quite likely that he tried to rape Dr. Ford in a drunken, Animal House inspired maneuver which is memorialized on his own calendar on July 1.

Edit: All of this prompted me to write a new story.

Dispelling cultural myths with research-driven stories. My favorite word is “specious.” Not fragile like a flower; fragile like a bomb! Twitter @ElleBeau

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