In America (and many other countries) manliness has to be performed on a daily basis in a way that is entirely different than femaleness (which just is). This is what he's referring to. Rather than performing masculinity in a strictly defined way that has been selected as correct for you by other people, just be yourself.

The rich white businessman part refers to who is at the apex of the pyramid of the dominance-based hierarchy, which is what patriarchy is. This kind of social stratification affects not just power dynamics between men and women but created social classes, and other kinds of stratification as well, including racial ones. We can't effectively dismantle racism until we tackle the patriarchal dominance hierarchy in its totality.

"The two basic human types are male and female. The way the relationship between women and men is structured is thus a basic model for human relations. Consequently, a dominator-dominated way of relating to other human beings is internalized from birth by every child brought up in a traditional, male-dominated family.

In the case of racism, this model of human relations is generalized from members of a different sex to members of a different race."

Eisler, Riane. The Chalice and the Blade . HarperOne. Kindle Edition.

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