I'm not angry. I'm just being blunt and clear. I'm more than happy to engage with you (or anyone) in an actual discussion, but you are the one who began this exchange by being rude and condescending so again, blaming me for it not going along in a more congenial tone is all on you.

It is a generalist site, where I provided a well thought out, well researched story, full of quotes from experts and citations where people who don't necessarily know a lot about this subject matter can interface with it. This was confirmed to be so by a professor in the subject matter, who knows even more about it than I do.

You are the one who chose to assert that although you didn't know much about this topic, you none-the-less assumed that you know more about it than I did. Yes, I expected to get comments from people who are not necessarily familiar with all of this, however that doesn't mean that I welcome ones that begin by saying things like this:

"I found this a very interesting read but couldn’t help but note that is sets out from a very modern set of cultural assumptions and then finds evidence to support them."

How are you going to engage in civil debate when you've already admitted more than once that you don't actually know all that much about this topic? How are you going to engage in civil debate with anyone when you begin by being so condescending? You began by attacking me. You didn't just question what I'd put forth as being different than how you believed things were and seek to reconcile that difference. You began by telling me I was talking out of my ass.

You don't need to research the issue. I've already done it for you. How about showing a little bit more respect for that when you encounter it with anyone in the future?

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Dispelling cultural myths with research-driven stories. My favorite word is “specious.” Not fragile like a flower; fragile like a bomb! Twitter @ElleBeau

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