I wrote an entire story last year about the nipple thing — how you can show the entire breast, just not the nipple and how absurd that is. I agree that one bare breast is arousing but a beach with 200 is much less so. Women’s breasts have been sexualized in a way that men’s chests haven’t but I still find a well-defined set of pecs pretty sexy. They probably don’t have fireman calendars in France, but most images of men that are meant to be really sexy show a bare chest.

As to where to start, I think getting rid of these absurd laws is a good start. Allowing women who want to go bare-chested at the beach to do so would be another good thing. The New Hamshire case that may be heard by the Supreme Court, the woman was doing topless yoga in a park. Not all women would gravitate towards public toplessness, but some would, and that would then lead to it becoming more normalized.

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