I truly appreciate the opportunity to have civil discourse even though we don’t agree on ever little thing. I completely agree that judicial process should be fair and just and more than trial by media. I wish we’d had the opportunity to have further in-depth investigation in this case.

but it does seem remarkable that Trump would take the risk of even nominating him when he had a bank of squeaky clean Catholic women to choose also — surely the FBI would have been aware of unproven allegations and advised him to stay clear as tainted goods?” You do realize that Trump was elected even though something like 16 women were accusing him of similar activities, right? What this speaks to is a culture of privilege where these types of powerful men are not held to normal standards. They do not believe they’ve actually done anything wrong, because after all, that’s what women are for, right? Why should that deter them? Kavanaugh used to clerk for disgraced appointed-for-life judge Alex Kozinski who did finally have to resign rather than have his outrageous antics further investigated. He used to call women employees into his office and have them watch porn and ask them what they thought, among other things. Why? Because he could — because he could get away with it, until at last he finally couldn’t.

I could go off on a lengthy sermon about this, but all one needs to do is read the headlines to see that this is true. Every week there is a new story breaking about the horrendous cultures of businesses and organizations. The most recent one was the world-wide walk-out at Google, which had so many male sympathizers to the original group of women who conceived of it, that it essentially shut down Google for the duration. There’s long been a sick culture of the powerful doing whatever they want with little consequence. It’s time for that to stop.

You seem like a decent human being who truly wants to do what’s right, but women in sex slavery aren’t the only ones who suffer from a misogynistic atmosphere. If you truly want to better understand the dynamics, don’t take it from me, but do read up — on CBS, on Pixar, on the Dallas Mavericks, Google, the women of US national security who wrote an open letter about a year ago, etc., etc, etc. Listen to real stories and synthesize your own opinion after interacting with a variety of sources.

“A door opens and a police officer is suddenly staring at the wrong end of a gun. In a split second, his brain is hyper-focused on that gun. It is very likely that he will not recall any of the details that were irrelevant to his immediate survival: Did the shooter have a moustache? What color was the shooter’s hair? What was the shooter wearing?

The officer’s reaction is not a result of poor training. It’s his brain reacting to a life-threatening situation just the way it is supposed to — just the way the brain of a rape victim reacts to an assault. (emphasis mine) In the aftermath, the officer may be unable to recall many important details. He may be uncertain about many. He may be confused about many. He may recall some details inaccurately. Simultaneously, he will recall certain details — the things his brain focused on — with extraordinary accuracy. He may well never forget them. All of this, too, is the human brain working the way it was designed to work.”

This is the well-established neuroscience of trauma. Those who say differently have a political agenda. Plenty of people who are afraid to fly none-the-less do so. If Dr. Ford says she ended up in couples counseling because she still had so much PTSD that she wanted to have two doors at the front of her house, I have not seen anything to factually refute that.

Disbelieving women who assert sexual assault is a well-established cultural narrative, even though in truth, it’s very rare. And it’s also not necessary for one of us to “convince” the other to come completely over to our side. It’s simply an opportunity to engage in a real discussion — so thanks for that.

Dispelling cultural myths with research-driven stories. My favorite word is “specious.” Not fragile like a flower; fragile like a bomb! Twitter @ElleBeau

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