I see men and women as complimentary to each other also and I quite adore men. Read my erotica and about my polyamorous life if you won’t take my word for it here.

You are the one who keeps skirting the issue and throwing out red herrings. You are the one who is acting like a victim. This is what I actually said: “why don’t you go ask all those women you spend time with to tell you about their sexual violence stories because 9 out of 10 have them — everything from groping and sexually demeaning comments up to assault and rape.”

I tell you that the CDC and the World Health Organization both deem violence against women as an epidemic and a public health emergency and you go out of your way to claim that I’m over-reacting, and to tell me that I’m part of a small minority. This is my point with doing your own research. You will get to see first hand just how prevalent this shit is. I get that you don’t know what you don’t know — so stop hiding your head in the sand, ostrich, and go talk to some women. Because literally every woman I have ever talked to about this topic, above the age of 20 has had multiple experiences with groping, harassment, assault and rape. My mom had told me some of her stories in the past, but she told me a few more just the other day. One was about how her family doctor put his tongue down her throat during an exam when she was 15.

Your claim that 20 men will say they’ve had the same kinds of experiences is specious. Of course, some will, and a certain amount of that will be at the hands of other men. And it’s just not a systemic part of life for the vast majority of men as it is for women.

Unless you are a rapist, abuser or sexual predator you are not under attack here. How about you stop making it all about you and start caring about the extreme level of sexualized violence in this country, which negatively impacts both women and men?

And by the way, you don’t actually know whether the women in your life have been raped or not, just because you’ve never heard about it. One of my friend’s daughters just finally told her about her rape that took place 10 years ago. Those FBI numbers do not take into account just how few rapes are actually reported.

Scroll to the very bottom to see where RAINN gets it’s data from. It’s mostly Department of Justice bureaus such as the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Dispelling cultural myths with research-driven stories. My favorite word is “specious.” Not fragile like a flower; fragile like a bomb! Twitter @ElleBeau

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