I really loved this piece!

Until the advent of patriarchy, less than 10K years ago, I think this was largely par for the course. The divine feminine is found and accessed via real life every day women, whether they are the priestess of The Queen of Heaven or simply a beloved woman.

The sacred sexual customs of the female religion offer us another of the apparent ties between the worship of the Divine Ancestress as it was known in Sumer, Babylon, Anatolia, Greece, Carthage, Sicily, Cypress, and even in Canaan. Women who made love in the temples were known in their own language as “sacred women,” “the undefiled.” Their Akkadian name of qadishtu is literally translated as “sanctified women” or “holy women.”

The legend of Innana and Enki listed the sacred sexual customs as another of the great gifts that Inanna brought to civilize the people of Erech. The Queen of Heaven was most reverently esteemed by the sacred women, who in turn were especially protected by her.

When God Was A Woman, Merlin Stone, page 154

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