I provided you with a long quote from the CEO of the biggest corporate investment company in the world essentially telling the companies who might potentially want his organizations support and investment that he was looking for ones that were socially involved. Also, a link to another article that demonstrates that younger consumers are demanding “cause” marketing. What don’t you understand?

Toxic masculinity, as you’ve agreed, is a problem. Why is talking about it an issue? The ad clearly delineates between men who are exhibiting anti-social behavior and those who aren’t — so therefore it is not insulting to all men as you claimed.

Nearly all ads targeted towards women closely mimic the ones that you have invented and said, “Can you imagine…..?” They all indicate to women that they need to be prettier, thinner, younger looking, better housekeepers, better sex kittens — and none of that is about creating a better society (as the Gillette ad is). It’s all about being more pleasing to other people, namely men. The answer to the question about why women would buy things that are marketed to them in insulting ways is too complex for me to answer here, but I’m linking you this.

Edit: Here’s a quote from that link, “I think we, as a society, are extremely cruel to women. I look at these old ads and feel as though nothing has changed. Which is sad because my mom used to go to the women’s lib rallies back in the ’70s, and 40 years later, we’re worse off. We don’t have the same little comic strips making fun of women, but there is still intense pressure for women to fit in, not to offend people, not to be ostracized. In the old ads, you can offend people in myriad ways, with runs in your stockings, by your hair smelling, with bad breath, with your underarm odor. But today, every inch of a woman’s body is scrutinized, especially when it comes to weight.”

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