I know it's not a defense of social injustice but I've also never heard you explicitly say that you think that individual actions working from the bottom up is what will make the most impact. When I asked you not that long ago (twice) about what we should be doing to address racism and other types of inequality since you don't approve of so-called SJWs, you just didn't reply.

The fact that laws are gone does not mean that the power dynamics are gone. Hundreds of years of a system don't disappear overnight. It's still a dominance hierarchy with white men holding 8 times as much political power as black women, and the memory of that hierarchy is still fresh in the minds of at least 50% of the country. What Make America Great Again means is Bring Back The Hierarchy. That's the only thing that it means and the only thing that Trump stands for. The Republican party didn't even create a platform this last election because that's the only thing that it stands for on the national level - and a lot of people respond to that - not because they are evil, but because that feels comfortable to them, and known, and also right. So that may not be the cross-burning kind of racism, but it's still upholding a system that demands that some people are more important, more valuable, more worthy than others based not on their individual merits but on immutable traits.

Because that is primarily subconscious, it cannot shift in any way until those beliefs are made conscious, and are discussed and worked with. You deciding that an individual woman can vent her pain at you (even when you didn't personally do anything to her) is OK, but it's not OK for someone to do that on the internet is you making up rules for somebody else to play by. Why should they play by your invented rules? Why should they continue to make you comfortable and be "nice"?

You making any of that about you is redirecting the focus back to yourself, rather than where it belongs, on the people who have been harmed (and that you agree have been harmed). Work with the injustices in the way that feels best to you, but how about getting out of the way of the people who have their own ideas about how to do that? Again, you claim to be respectful of other people's truth, and other people's reality, but you spend an awful lot of time railing against just that - even though you know full well why they are doing it.

Also, where is the non-attachment in that? You are highly attached I think, to something here, or it wouldn't make you so angry.

Dispelling cultural myths with research-driven stories. My favorite word is “specious.” Not fragile like a flower; fragile like a bomb! Twitter @ElleBeau

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