I just wanted to let you know that I heard from Rose this morning, fairly quickly after I emailed her at Rose@myerotica.com

The Twin Flame thing is really intense and not something I knew about until last year. So we went the first two years of our relationship really not understanding why we were so instantly drawn to each other (before I even saw his picture or knew anything about him other than his Craigslist ad which James had found. Frankly, I never would have considered even looking on CL, but once I read it, I just knew instantly he was our guy that we’d been looking for. Kissing him for the first time was like being reunited with an old lover whom you never expected to see again. At first we didn’t even want to do anything but that — just kiss each other and James was like, “Hey, I thought we came here for sex.”

There’s actually quite a bit about it on-line (now that I know what to Google.. lol!) But it’s essentially two souls taken from one flame (whatever that is) who are reincarnated life after life into separate bodies, but since they come from the same source, are forever deeply connected. The purpose is not so much love and TFs are rarely mates or traditionally bonded pairs. The purpose is to show you the parts of yourself that need healing as reflected in the relationship and to teach each other about the advantages of the other’s gifts and traits. He’s a cop in a small town, who fits a lot of that profile. I’m a life coach and healer (intuitive) in a city. We do not approach life or relationships in the same ways, and so we’ve had to learn to accept the other’s styles and to accomdodate for that. There’s also a push and pull aspect to this and we have gone through some phases of breaking up or almost breaking up but invariably get drawn back in because it feels so much like home with this other person and despite the differences, we just “get” each other. We broke up completely for about 6 months but just could still kind of feel each other and so started talking again and worked our way back to where we are now.

Anyway, thanks for listening. I don’t get to share that much about this very often and it’s great to get to do that. Hope you get ahold of Rose.

Dispelling cultural myths with research-driven stories. My favorite word is “specious.” Not fragile like a flower; fragile like a bomb! Twitter @ElleBeau

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