“Holly and her team of warriors are one of only a handful of legal teams in the world who have the right to access CBP facilities — including the infamous “dog cages” and “hieleras” (iceboxes) where the kids are being held. Because Holly is an attorney of record in the crucial FLORES settlement, in which the federal government agreed to certain basic standards relating to detaining children, she is among a very few with the right to demand inspections of facilities, to obtain full medical records and procure the census of every child detained each month across the country.

Her team’s unique right to access CBP facilities makes them absolutely vital to investigating, communicating and advocating in the nationwide movement to get safety for these children, end the abuse, and shut down these horrifying kid prisons. Holly’s team has brought three class action lawsuits with national impact to protect these kids. Her funding is gone to see these suits to completion and we must ensure this vital work continues.

We will die on this mountain. We will BOTH continue to serve, rehabilitate and reunify these babies. AND we must stand up to defend and protect them so that this cycle of horror does not continue for other generations of babies. $240,000 will get Holly’s team what they need to continue this AND/BOTH work for 2 years: to get to the sites for inspections, interview the kids, remove them to protect their health and safety, and build legal cases to ensure that the government is not permitted to perpetuate the abuse.

There are 13,100 kids right now desperately praying for a defender and protector. Let’s do this.”

The link to be able to donate to this organization is in the original story, shown above. Some of the main advocates who are circulating this request are Brene’ Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Glennon Doyle.

We are going down in the annals of history for this one! 😢

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