Hobbes was a self-deluded philosopher wallowing in the terrible world around him that was caused by patriarchy, a class system built on a dominance hierarchy which affected everyone and not just a power differential between men and women. The lives of his contemporaries were often nasty, brutish, and short, but the lives of our ancient ancestors were not - something that has been demonstrated by science (and not simply deciding how things must be).

Sex dimorphism played a lot smaller role in the past than you imagine it did and there's no reason it needs to play any role at all in the present. Your comments are specious. They sound reasonable and like an actual refutation of what she's said, but in truth they are nothing of the kind.

"Christopher Boehm is an anthropologist and primatologist who is currently the Director of the Jane Goodall Research Center at University of Southern California. He believes that suppressing our primate ancestors’ dominance hierarchies by enforcing these egalitarian norms was a central adaptation of human evolution. Enhanced cooperation lowered the risks of Paleolithic life for small, isolated bands of humans and was likely crucial to our survival and evolutionary success."

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