For fuck’s sake — what on earth did she gain? You really are a heartless SOB if you believe that it didn’t take incredible courage to do what she did and that it didn’t cost her a lot. They had to move out of their home and considered hiring body guards for her kids to go to school. Her email was hacked. She considered moving to another country rather than have to go through this! No-one undertakes something like that lightly or casually. It is gut wrenching to talk about being assaulted, particularly in public, particularly when you know that you are likely to face further mocking and hatefullness for doing so. It’s the very meaning of adding insult to injury. Even the misogynistic, old white men on the committee saw that and felt that and they said so. Even fucking Lindsey Graham believed her!

“Graham, who dismissed certain claims against Kavanaugh as “outrageous,” “anonymous” and making “no sense,” treated Ford’s differently.

“Dr. Ford, I think, is the victim of a process,” he said.”

But that statement on your part just goes to show that this never was a neutral discussion about the facts. It’s always been political for you. Which explains why blatant lies like “I never attended a gathering like the one she described” even though there is one just exactly as she described on July 1 on his calendar doesn’t count to you.

But the standard isn’t “does that prove he committed a crime?” The standard for perjury is, did he lie under oath!

So what if he drank or wrote immature things in a yearbook? For the 10th time, doing those things is not the issue. Lying about doing those things is the issue, and he very clearly did lie about them under oath. Why do you want to put a liar in a lifetime position on the highest court of the land? Apparently, your sense of integrity allows for lying as long as it eventually furthers your political motivations and that’s pretty disgusting.

And as I have again, already pointed out, no-one denied her story. Saying “I don’t remember something like that” is completely different from saying “Something like that never happened.” It is it’s own distinction in law.

But most importantly, again for the 10th time, this was a job interview. No crime had to be proven! I don’t get why that is so hard to comprehend, unless you are all hung up in the myth of the ruined lives of important men at the hands of mendacious, vindictive women, which from what you’ve said here, it appears that you are. I’ve already given you the statistics that prove that is indeed a myth, but again, no getting through the cognitive dissonance with little things like facts and statistics. Sigh……………

Dispelling cultural myths with research-driven stories. My favorite word is “specious.” Not fragile like a flower; fragile like a bomb! Twitter @ElleBeau

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