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“While women can easily pick up a suitor at a bar or on an app like Tinder, “the chances are high that that guy will not be a particularly good lover, will not care about your sexual pleasure, will not be as good-looking as his photos suggested, will not be very fun to talk to, will act like a douchebag and treat you poorly, will not give you the massage you really wanted, will not respect your sexual limits, will refuse to use a condom, will tell all his friends you’re a slut afterwards, etc.,”

“But aside from offering a night of guaranteed romance with a handsome stranger, male escorts also offer something that prospective Tinder dates can’t: emotional intimacy. Earlier this year, the Daily Dot spoke with Angela, a Cowboys4Angels client who was a recent widow when she first met escort Nick Hawk.

For the past three years, Angela has spent tens of thousands of dollars on dates with Hawk, flying back and forth between her home in Texas and his home in Las Vegas to see him. Although she’s since started a relationship with another man, she credits Nick with helping her build her confidence.

“It seems like with most men, they have one thing on their mind and they get it over with and they’re done,” Angela told the Daily Dot. But for her, hiring Nick “wasn’t about sex. It was about making me feel really, really good.”

Considering how often we come across horror stories about being stalked on dating apps or sexually harassed on social media by potential suitors, for most single women, finding someone who makes you feel really, really good about yourself isn’t easy. While we might cluck our tongues and wag our fingers at ladies paying for sex — or at the very least, companionship — in truth, we shouldn’t actually be surprised.”

Dispelling cultural myths with research-driven stories. My favorite word is “specious.” Not fragile like a flower; fragile like a bomb! Twitter @ElleBeau

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