Estwald, here’s a few more pieces of information answering the question, “worsened in relation to what?” The short version, being the equality that existed prior to the establishment of patriarchy as a dominant social system.

The below article is both shocking and simultaneously not surprising. I experienced a mild version of this when I gave birth to my son. When something like health care and particularly birth experience is rife with dominance hierarchy, this is what you get.

“The authors argue that sexual equality may have proved an evolutionary advantage for early human societies, as it would have fostered wider-ranging social networks and closer cooperation between unrelated individuals. “It gives you a far more expansive social network with a wider choice of mates, so inbreeding would be less of an issue,” said Dyble. “And you come into contact with more people and you can share innovations, which is something that humans do par excellence.”

Dyble said that egalitarianism may even have been one of the important factors that distinguished our ancestors from our primate cousins. “Chimpanzees live in quite aggressive, male-dominated societies with clear hierarchies,” he said. “As a result, they just don’t see enough adults in their lifetime for technologies to be sustained.”

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