Eisler is the founder and primary contributor to The Center for Partnership Studies. She also teaches graduate level classes about how to bring partnership style into our domination based world. Her point (and mine) is that we live in a social structure that is based in a dominance hierarchy. It colors every aspect of society and is behind all of our social ills. Racism, sexual harassment and bullying are all part and parcel of believing you need to constantly dominate others in order to advance/survive. If you don’t understand that this is the basis for our society, you don’t actually understand our society in the slightest. And that’s really kind of you to inform me that racism and homophobia aren’t actually much of an issue any more and don’t impact peoples lives. I’ll be sure to pass that along so that my Black and gay friends don’t have to be scared or upset any longer. 🙄

Here’s an excerpt from a very well written article which I will link here.

Because Anglo societies have never really understood what democracy is.

Democracy is not me controlling, hurting, harming, or injuring you. It is me freeing you. Liberating you. To be, do, enjoy what? Greater happiness, trust, meaning, purpose, fulfillment, worth.

But Anglo societies don’t understand any of this. Their logic is as brutal as it is foolish as it is backwards. My goal in life is to maximize my own money, power, and control. And if that means taking away your happiness, purpose, worth, value, security — very well, so be it. In fact, all the better that way — me preying on you — because it proves how worthy I really am (but I’ll get to that).

In other words, Anglo societies see eudaimonia itself as zero-sum — for me to have a good life, I must take it away from you. If I am to be happy, you must be unhappy. If I am to feel secure, you must be insecure. If I am to have worth, you must be worthless.

Where do we see that happening? Where don’t we see it happening is the better question. Why else would a rich country close..schools and hospitals? Every aspect of Anglo life is shaped by the moral illogic of zero-sum gain now.”

I’m sure you will have some interesting response beamed in from whatever planet you live on, but I think it’s fairly pointless to even attempt further discussion, so I won’t.

Dispelling cultural myths with research-driven stories. My favorite word is “specious.” Not fragile like a flower; fragile like a bomb! Twitter @ElleBeau

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