🤣 Donald Trump is infamous for his short attention span and hatred of reading, preferring to get his information by watching Fox news. He also plays golf on average every 4.5 days.

“Copies of President Donald Trump’s daily schedules that were recently leaked to Axios show he has spent nearly 60% of his working days in the last three months in blocks of “executive time.”

These unstructured blocks are scheduled at the president’s discretion and aren’t listed with specific activities, unlike meeting with administration members, hosting world leaders, so there has been immense speculation about their value.

Take a look at the daily schedule that also includes Fox News, tweeting time, and built-in breaks from his presidential duties.

Despite attempts from multiple chiefs of staff to shorten Trump’s free time, the president generally spends his morning tweeting while watching Fox News before beginning his day at 11 a.m.”

We haven’t shared a common ancestor with lobsters for over 700 million years and serotonin affects aggression in lobsters in the exact opposite way than it affects humans — not a very good analogy.

A dominance hierarchy like the one we live in is based in fear, coercion, bullying, and violence. Hierarchies of actualization, on the other hand, which is the current trend in business right now, are based in power to and power with rather than power over.

In special operations, the pace at which we must move, learn and even change moves far too quickly for a traditional hierarchy. The Naval Special Warfare community, where regular military rank of course exists, is still a much flatter organization. Senior leaders do the leading, while most of the important managerial tasks are delegated to the lower ranks. Junior team members are empowered with great deals of responsibility and the autonomy to make decisions. Is it always perfect? Of course not. But with a culture founded on trust and extreme levels of accountability, this teamwork mechanism works very well.

The same applies to today’s business organizations. Especially in highly competitive environments. Forbes

Dispelling cultural myths with research-driven stories. My favorite word is “specious.” Not fragile like a flower; fragile like a bomb! Twitter @ElleBeau

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