Did you read the article I linked that analyzes in laborious detail all of the perjury? Plus, if you watched/heard the testimony, you witnessed it first hand. No third party interpretation is necessary. It’s patently obvious to anyone who isn’t blinded by either misogyny or political expediency.

Just in case you can’t be bothered, here are two glaring examples (although there are many others): There is not and has never been a drinking game called Devil’s Triangle. Search the internet and you might find it on a recently updated Wiki page, but otherwise no. This is a clear reference to two men having sex with one woman, which is what he is accused of attempting. It’s what that term has meant for many years and he knows it, which is why he lied about it’s meaning.

Renate Alumnius (sic)is not some fond reference to their friend Renate, and you know it, just as she knew it when she saw that. Renate Dolphin was angry and hurt when she saw some allusion to her being easy in the yearbook. Other classmates also included the charming rhyme that shows oh so much respect and affection, “If it’s getting late and you need a date, don’t despair, just call Renate.” Spinning this about being a friendly gesture was a bald faced lie, which also speaks to what he is accused of.

All scientific, non-partisan analysis of trauma response is just as Dr. Ford described it in her testimony and as I described it in my well-supported article. The fact that you do not wish to believe that because it doesn’t suit your purposes makes me wonder about what kinds of issue you have with women. Instead of evaluating data and reaching your conclusions based on that, you are simply seeking out narratives that support your existing bias. Not very logical; not very sensible, entirely based in emotion and scapegoating. Pitiful!

Quoting something by the person the Republicans hired to do their dirty work is hardly objective. Duh!

Then there’s the fact that false accusations are exceedingly rare and are only made by adult women in very specific circumstances. Dr. Ford does not fit the profile for this and she’s paid a high price and gained little for coming forward. This has also been scientifically studied. But, why go with science, data and facts when you can indulge your prejudices and fears instead? SMH!

Dispelling cultural myths with research-driven stories. My favorite word is “specious.” Not fragile like a flower; fragile like a bomb! Twitter @ElleBeau

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