Did you even skim the article? I could have linked you 20 more than said the same thing.

"So he went to an online mortgage marketplace and filled out all of his financial information. Then the calls began coming in. All the lender agents asked his race, but they all said he was not required to disclose it. He told the first lender he was Black."

The man profiled in the article I linked had had all the right stats: a steady six-figure salary, an 800 FICO credit score, and 20% equity in a home, and he still kept getting the brush off.

Some Black applicants do have lower credit scores or other legitimate issues, but this is a really well documented problem that takes place all of the time. It's not just this one guy having bad luck. And you being personally non-racist is never going to impact that. Of course, it's better for society than the alternative, but it will not do near enough to actually impact all of the structural ways that racism still exists - something that you have not refuted. There are dozens if not hundreds of other ways that racism takes place through implicit bias and systemic discrimination other than the home loan industry. How do you plan to address those with your personal behavior alone?

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