Dave Murray, I don’t think that’s what this article was advocating. Here’s what it is asking for, “We can begin by acknowledging ourselves as racial beings with a particular and limited perspective on race. We can attempt to understand the racial realities of people of color through authentic interaction rather than through the media or through unequal relationships. We can insist that racism be discussed in our workplaces and a professed commitment to racial equity be demonstrated by actual outcomes. We can get involved in organizations working for racial justice. These efforts require that we continually challenge our own socialization and investments in racism and put what we profess to value into the actual practice of our lives.”

It may well be that some Chinese people think others are inferior, but as you and I have discussed in the past, lighter skin is desirable in every culture, due to colonialism. Whiteness and the things that go with it are a factor around the world, but particularly in the West. It’s not just because whites are the largest demographic here, because in 25 years they won’t be. We are that close to whites being the minority in the US, but you’d never know that based on what you see in your government, in your big companies, in your media.

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