Because there are way more female escorts than there are male ones (who see women) and because women’s sexuality is still tightly policed, even if slightly less than in earlier years. Women who want to have casual sex (and nor for love and marriage) are considered the worst kind of wanton sluts — but as was noted in the article I linked you about why more women are starting to pay for sex, finding the kind of sex you’d actually like to have is not widely available to women.

Street hookers may be desperate (and a “low quality product”) but the women I know who are professional escorts, and I know a bunch of them, are not desperate and are intelligent, sensitive, good at what they do and sexy as hell. They enjoy what they do and feel empowered by it. Our girlfriend left her marriage because she got tired of being controlled by her husband. Now she lives life on her own terms and is much happier. She still faces some danger and risk, but overall has a high quality of life, certainly much more than a woman on the street, who is likely a drug addict, homeless, etc.

Tamara allowed me to use her picture in one of my stories about one of our dates. Does she look like a “low quality product” to you? And men and women who hire people like her are actually taking very little risk. Once again, you are making wide sweeping statements about things you know very little about. C4A is a nationwide escort company that had a TV show made about it; about the dates the guys went on. Not once were any of those people in fear of being arrested, because you pay an escort for their time and what you do together during that time is between consenting adults. It’s like you’ve seen TV shows about hookers and now think you understand this industry. SMH!

Dispelling cultural myths with research-driven stories. My favorite word is “specious.” Not fragile like a flower; fragile like a bomb! Twitter @ElleBeau

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