And as I already indicated, the amount or quality of evidence isn’t necessarily the issue. The cultural narratives are clearly the issue. Here’s some more:

“We had cases where there were photographs and confessions from the suspects that were no-billed,” Johnson told me in 2015 in the tidy living room of her Fort Worth home. One case in particular stuck with her: A man admitted to giving a woman drugs that would render her unconscious — and then raping her after she had passed out and photographing the act. The victim was sent the photographs of her own rape, which she turned over to police. Still, the grand jury decided not to indict.

That’s from reporting on the Amber Wyatt case that was written up a few months ago in the Washington Post. The Johnson in the quote is a retired police sergeant.

And in the Baylor case it wasn’t any different

“More than 85,000 people have since signed a digital petition expressing “outrage,” and calls and letters have flooded the office of the judge, Ralph Strother.

Paul Cassell, a former federal prosecutor and judge who is a law professor at the University of Utah, criticized the district attorney’s decision in an email to The Post.

“The prosecutor’s own evaluation of the case make clear that she is relying on an inappropriate consideration — specifically a prospective juror’s likely belief in ‘rape myths’ — in striking this remarkable deal,” he said. “Given the violence alleged, this is not a split-the-difference case. Either the victim was forcibly raped or not — pick one or the other. It’s hard to understand why the prosecutor can somehow propose to view the facts through rose-colored glasses as some sort of low-level sexual misconduct appropriate for a probationary sentence.”

Dispelling cultural myths with research-driven stories. My favorite word is “specious.” Not fragile like a flower; fragile like a bomb! Twitter @ElleBeau

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