Also xpusostomos, where’s the link to support what you’ve alleged. Hodder is the current director of the Çatalhöyük Archaeological Project and is from what I can see a highly respected anthropologist.

“He obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree with First-Class Honors in Prehistoric Archaeology from the University of London in 1971, and a PhD on “spatial analysis in archaeology” at the University of Cambridge in 1974. He was a lecturer at the University of Leeds from 1974 to 1977 before moving back to Cambridge, where he held several academic positions, including Professor of Archaeology from 1996 to 1999. He moved to Stanford in 1999 and became Dunlevie Family Professor in 2002, and a Fellow of the British Academy in 1996[2]. He received an award on the Queen’s 2019 Birthday Honours List for his services to archaeology and UK/Turkey relations.”

Non-positivistic research methodologies were first proposed by Max Weber and have nothing to do with feminism:

“Exponent of Non Positivism is Max Weber. Non positivists emphasized that social reality is viewed and interpreted by the individual himself/herself according to the ideological positions he/she possess. There for knowledge is personally experienced rather than acquired from or imposed from outside. The non positivist believes that reality is multi layered and complex and a single phenomenon is having multiple interpretations. They emphasize that the verification of a phenomenon is adopted when the level of understanding of a phenomenon is such that the concern is to probe into the various unexplored dimensions of a phenomenon rather than establishing specific relationship among the components, as it happens in the case of positivism. Non positivism is marked by three schools of thought. They are phenomenology, ethno methodology and symbolic interactionism. All these schools emphasize human interactions with phenomenon in their daily lives and suggest qualitative rather than quantitative approaches to social inquiry. Qualitative, biographical, phenomenological, ethnographical, case study approaches are the examples of non positive approaches (A study of drop out among the female students, A case study of open distance learning institutions in the country, A study of auto biography of a great statesman) The two paradigms presented here are concerned with two concept of social reality, while positivism stand for objectivity, measurability, predictability, controllability and construct laws and rules of human behavior, non positivist essentially emphasize understanding and interpretation of phenomena and making meaning out of this process.”

Thanks for inadvertently helping me to learn something new. I’m always excited about that. You should try it sometime.

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